How it all Works

How it all Works – Placing your order

Ok so your here because your looking to purchase some clothing for either private or corporate use, so we thought best to just go through the main points to make the whole experience a doddle.

1st step is to find what it is you are looking for, this can be done by hovering over the “Our Products” button in the main navigation bar and you will notice a drop down appear with all of our clothing categories listed, from here you can select Men’ Wear, Women’s Wear, Babby & Toddler etc etc. Once selected you can then use the filtering system in the left sidebar to tighten your results even more.

Once you find the product you are looking for you will need to choose the size and colour you require followed by the customisation positions you require, this will then give you an add to cart button and an area for you to add the quantity required. Simply add the qty and click add to cart. Once you have added to your cart you will notice at the very top of the page your cart will go from being empty to having items in it and you can then either carry on shopping for another item or checkout or add your customisation details to your order.

How it all Works – Adding customisation to your order

Right if your reading this you have probably added your products to the cart and want to know how you go about adding customisation to your products, well its this simple, click on your cart at the top of the page to view the contents of your cart, you should be faced with an option to “Add your Logo” click this and let the customisation begin.

1st step is to choose your style of customisation weather that be printing, embroidery, both or you may want to use a logo from a previous order, then below that you can upload the logo you want to use for your customisation or under that enter your previous order number if you wish to use a logo from a previous order. Finally enter any custom text you want to be included in your customisation and click the add to cart button.

Once you have all your products and customisation options added to the cart you can then complete the process by clicking the proceed to checkout button in the cart, this will then take you to PayPal to complete the order.

If you have any problems or questions regarding your order then feel free to contact us

How it all Works – Shipping prices explained

Our shipping is broken down as follows:

If the sub total of your cart is between £0.00 and £19.99 the shipping fee will be £3.00
If the sub total of your cart is between £20.00 and £99.99 the shipping fee will be £6.00
If the sub total of your cart is between £100.00 and £249.99 the shipping fee will be £9.00
If the sub total of your cart is over £250.00 then shipping is FREE

We are currently doing some work on our site. Should you encounter any issues please email us at or call us on 01798 813002 Dismiss